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Scottykat ties up an annoying protagonist.

Scottykat is the fursona and Internet handle of Scott D. Harris (born 24 April 1988), an Internet author and film-maker. He is a yellow, anthropomorphic cat. Harris resides in South East England with his family.


All of Harris' films are non-profit assignments, however he has expressed interest in doing his own independent work.

  • Stuck in the Middle With You: Music video, using the song of the same name by Stealers Wheel.
  • Lemmy: A short drama regarding a group of friends who are being haunted by a mysterious entity.
  • Stranger on the Tracks: Music video, using the song Valley Forge by Ochre.
  • Jamie 'Sonic' Harris: A short documentary about his younger brother, a "rising star" in British amateur boxing circles.
  • The Prisoner: An upcoming film based loosely on The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King.


Harris has declared his intentions to one day write a novel, however due to external constraints he is unable to focus on it. Claiming to have 'a writer's itch,' he publishes short works on the Internet, both original and fan fiction. While having written (and abandoned) many different stories, he pays most attention to Raveworks Fiction Adventures, based on the long-running British sci-fi show Doctor Who, and a supernatural medical drama Hope Road, which is, in his own words, 'a send-up of everything I like.'

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