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Scott Alston (born 1965) is a cartoon artist who resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He created, along with Matthew McAndrews, the Sonic the Hedgehog fan spinoff Sojourn Freedom Fighters, led by skunkette Misty Pine.


Scott created Star Jacks, a comic about a futuristic Repo group who can be hired to repossess items to spaceships. Trixie Chestnut (TC), a female flying squirrel, is the owner and captain of their spaceship. Helen, a skunkette, is her best friend and ship's mechanic. She was the original owner of the spaceship.


Scott has created a number of his own superhero characters, including Super Bunni, Sky Squirrel, Micro Mouse, Goldstar, Silver Dancer, Ursa Major (a bear), Mega Weasel, Ice Cat, Cora Otter, Shockwave Otter, Aqua Doe, Traci Kanga, Holo-Chip, Marion Fox. He also created Shadowcat, a Japanese ninja cat character.

Ice Cat (real identity: Kitty Jo Purrwick) is one of the many superheroine characters created by Scott Alston. She is a millionaire who gained her powers during an attemped rape on a lonely stretch of highway. Her ice powers allow her to survive frigid temperatures, as well as giving her ice weaponry, such as creating an ice platform to slide on.

Kitty Jo Purrwick is normally a white cat, but when she transforms to Ice Cat, her fur becomes white with blue highlights.

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