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Scotfurs are furs who live in Scotland.


There are three regular furmeets held in Scotland which are organised on the UKFur forums plus other meets organised intermittently. These are held in Scotlands three largest cities Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Glasgow meets until the early part of 2011 had two meets held with two separate groups of furs attending each, one designated as the main Glasgow Meet and the other as the all aged meet. Due to dwindling numbers at the Main Glasgow meet, the two meets culminated and now meet every two months on the last Saturday of the month. Glasgow furmeets change location on a regular basis, but are often held in Caffe Nero in Hope Street, Glasgow. The meets are organised by Camash Red.

Edinburgh meets are held on the first Saturday of every month and are held in the Tea Tree Tea in Bread Street, Edinburgh then moving off to The Regent Bar. These meets are organised by Rymew and Fawksie.

Aberdeen meets are usually (but not regularly) held on the third Saturday of the month and are organised by Ixis, ThrashWolf or Kytheraen.

Other furmeets in Scotland which have been held intermittently have been the Dundee Furmeet, which was organised by Milligram Smile and a Stirling Furmeet, which was organised by Scratch Rat.


Scotfurs have their own IRC channel on Furnet at #scotfurs


Quite a few of the Scotfurs have a large involvement in the popular UKFur forums with the majority of the administrators of UKFur coming from Scotland.

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