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SciuCaro (usually shortened to "Sciu") is the near-obsolete Internet alias for Santo Ciaravino. The SciuCaro name is a contraction of the first four letters of the genus and species of his fursona, the Eastern Gray Squirrel, Sciurus Carolinensis. Other names include:

  • Skwirl (used in some artworks) ^
  • Sato MacCullandy (a former name for his fursona, used in earlier chatgroups)

^ As of 2010, "Skwirl" is now his official stage name, as per establishing his new website. The only reason "SciuCaro" is currently used is because it remains as a screen name for accounts that already use the name. His new screen name using any new online accounts goes between "skwirl", "sc_skwirl", "scskwirl", "sc.skwirl", or any such variant.

About Santo[edit]

Santo (b. 1987) is a New York Furry; a member of the Long Island Furs community.


Santo calls himself to be a "Latent Furry", stating he has felt the Furry essences all his life, long before encountering the subculture. He has been in the Furry culture since 2002, after finding out about it on the MTV's Sex2K episode.

Before finding Furry, Santo was originally a Polar Bear, and with a deeper connection before going to his Squirrel Fursona.

In 2005, he had started a short-lived movement to make Furry become more of a nation-like group, titled the Nationalist Furries. To this day he keeps it to himself, seeing how the rest of Furry is evolving.

In 2008, he created a fursuiting/activity group called the Furry Militia, a mock military organization where members dress up in military garb as if they were citizen-soldiers of the Furry people.


Santo joined the New York Guard in 2007.

Santo has designed games on his own, having published three PDF games, some text-based Python games, one Flash game under the Nature's Creatures collection, and finished a puzzle game, done entirely in the Python programming language with Pygame support. He created the Game Development Wiki to make a universal tutorial site for every aspect of Game Design and Development.

Santo is also a budding dance musician (Site). Currently, he has published one album: "Incisor"

Nature's Creatures[edit]

In 2003, Santo created a cast of characters with Macromedia Flash, called "Nature's Creatures". Back then, he intended to make a whole cartoon show out of them. Over time, they have been put aside for various reasons. However, Santo saw that everyone loves loop animations on the Internet, from Caramelldansen and Leekspin, to sites like and, so he was inspired to make the Nature's Creatures cast again, doing various sorts of loops to different songs, usually the song pertaining to what's happening in the loop.

Erotica & Writing[edit]

In his early years of entering the Furry community (circa 2004-2005), Santo had written a small collection of erotic stories, some of which were posted on YiffStar (some time before its change to SoFurry). Before that, he had co-written a role-play adventure story with another Furry writer (a skunk named Sheridan Codanera) on an older Yahoo! group, "Furry City".

In July 2010, Santo published several Furry Erotica stories, declaring a start in a career as an author of the genre. His stories are freely available on Fur Affinity and Inkbunny, and for sale at the Lulu storefront.

In late September of 2010, he accessed his old web account on Furtopia and brought it back to become his blog to archive everything that he writes, from stories to notes. Into April, the Furtopia webhosting service closed up its webhosting services, locking out all of the member websites, so he has since moved it to his main website's blog page.

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