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Scifijackrabbit (sometimes known as SFJR) (born August 14,[1] 1993) is a furry artist and DJ (under the alias JAI Q) from London, UK.[2]


Scifijackrabbit's art style is defined by his signature use of slit pupils and graffiti style typography. Whilst expressing interests in themes such as architecture and urban culture, a large degree of his anthropomorphic work is softcore pornographic (ecchi) and occasionally Hyper endowed. He also often incorporates themes of British urban subculture, such as "chavs", Junglists and UK Garage girls into his works. Scifijackrabbit is the creator of CJRFM. a webcomic uploaded in 2012 as well as proposed side project Barkin' Mad which is still in conceptual stages. Scifijackrabbit likes to refer to his art as "Furban" (Furry + Urban)


Under the alias Jai Q, Scifijackrabbit has compiled a number of DJ mix tapes featuring various genres of electronic dance music such as Jungle Seizure Volume 1, UK Garage Volume 1 and This is Bassline. He has also produced a few tracks himself under the alias although mainly sticks to DJing.


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