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Cover of Science Dog Special #1

Science Dog is an anthropomorphic dog adventurer who has appeared in every 25th issue of Invincible comic, published by Image Comics.

A Science Dog special issue, containing his appearances in Invincible issues 25 and 50 was announced to be released on September 1, 2010[1][2]. A second special issue containing his appearances in issue 75, plus the story conclusion was published in May 2011[3].

Character origin[edit]

Originally an average dog, an accident of science causes him to evolve millions and millions of years ahead to become the smartest life form on the face of the planet and the greatest science adventurer the world has ever seen, along with a human scientist named Walter who becomes his arch nemesis[2].

Story details[edit]

Written by Robert Kirkman[3][4].

Art by Cory Walker[5].


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