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Author(s) Owners: Rick Canaan
  • Site Founder: Rick Canaan
  • Webmaster: Daryn
  • Admins: Arratra
Status Closed
Launch date 2009 August
End date 2020 February
Genre Science fiction furry community
Web MA is a furry science-fiction community and website created by Rick Canaan in 2009. Deciding to step down in 2010, Rick made the previous Assistant Director of the site Daryn the new Director, and SliceOfDog was made Assistant Director. In 2011 SliceOfDog became the site's Director and Daryn was made Owner and CTO.

In early 2019 Rick Canaan took over as Director once again. SliceOfDog stepped down from his position as Assistant Director due to a lack of time on his part to focus on site duies.

On September 16th 2019 SciFiFur opened up to adult furry content.

With a lack of activity, the site closed on February 28th, 2020.

Mission[edit] claims its site and community mission to be "to provide a place for niche fans of both the furrydom and science fiction".

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