Scheindorf Herljòs

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Scheindorf Herljòs.

Scheindorf Herljòs (born in 1988) is a French therian. His fursona is a white wolf with blue stripes. More recently he told that he feels more like a hyena. He created the leucrocuta (or lerowukta) specie, witch are large brown kind of giant hyenas but more canid, with feathers along the back, and horns on the forehead ; it have no external ears and rely on horns capturing vibrations. He live in west of France, but was also hosted in Belgium for a few month and he hope he could return there, he also lived in Iceland for a brief time.

He have singular interest in paraphilia of vore, imaginating willing preys. In real life, he is strictly vegetarian, for a long time.

He is known in the transhumanist community to be the founder of the Transbiologist movement, wich is inclusive toward other animals.

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