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Sequential Art
Author(s) Phillip M. Jackson
Update schedule Varied
Launch date 2005
End Date Ongoing
Genre  ?
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Not to be confused with the term for comics.

Sequential Art is a webcomic of furry interest created by artist Phillip M. Jackson. The series' Earth uses the same set-up as our present world, except that is is populated with a combination of anthropomorphic and human beings.

A book of collected strips, Sequential Art Volume 1, was released through Lulu in October 2007.


Sequential Art mixes the "slice of life" genre with a peppered pinch of video game insights, covered in layer of geek culture pathos. Its tale follows the hopelessly intertwined interactions of a group of mismatched anthropomorphic room mates, and the poor human graphic designer that allowed them to stay in his house.


Main characters[edit]

Art (Arthur)
  • Art is a human illustrator and cartoonist. He currently works for Wiquid Design. He rides a temperamental scooter, enjoys comics, computer games, cartoons and is prone to hysterics when the unexpected happens. Art has large expressive eyebrows often described as looking like Weetabix.
Kat (Kathleen) Vance
  • Kathleen Vance is a female cat photographer that works at a studio specialising in portraits, and those really boring calenders businesses give to their clients at the end of each year. Her chief ambition is to get out and shoot some National Geographic quality stuff.
Pip McGraw
  • Pip McGraw is a fanboy/nerd/geek male penguin and college-buddy of Art. He makes a living buying and selling stuff via EBuy online auctions, but what doesn't get spent on the monthly rent, Pip blows on comics: his obsession. As a result, he's perpetually short of petty cash. He is more than a little lecherous to ladies of any species. He also plays the (fictional) MMORPG Land of Lorecraft, where his character is (currently) a level 63 knight called "Killaman Slaughtermaster".
  • Scarlet is a female Squirrel who claims to be a scientist, but appears to be more of an "urban tarzan". Utterly loopy and averse to clothing but otherwise harmless, Art, Kat and Pip allow her to stay in the loft of their house. She is shown raiding the refrigerator often. Oddly enough, on some strips she is shown to have an incredibly large amount of IQ (such as being able to turn an expensive replica death ray gun into a real one and accurately analyzing the contents of snow by eating it) although this only happens on rare occasions due to the fact that she is (very) easily distracted. She may have mistaken her being a "scientist" for being a "lab experiment".
Leonard (also known as Ducky)
  • Leonard is Kat's pet platypus that she won through a mystery EBuy purchase. Leonard was given his proper name by Pip and Kat one evening while watching Far Trek III: The search of Spork, and eating Moreatos (the name "Ducky" is for Scarlet's sake.) Platypi have toxic spurs/barbs on their hind leg ankles, which they use when threatened (or tricked.)

Secondary characters[edit]

Hilary Locke
  • Hilary Locke (formerly known as Gabrielle Goodtime) is Kat's former high school schoolmate and current rival, and a graphic design client of Art, with no love for either one of them (specially Kat.)
  • Jack is a small (tiny), rampant, maniacal Denizen that was given as a gift to Kat from Crazy Sven. The Denizens are creatures of shadow from the dark European country of Pipingrad. They're generally 1 foot in height, very creepy, and in large numbers they can cause a substantial amount of trouble, but they're not evil, just easily misled. Especially when exposed to a malevolent Jack. Jack is broken. That's not a manic grin across his face, it's a crack. He's insane, evil and wants to rule the world. It's his corrupting influence that has given the other Denizens such a bad reputation.

Incidental characters[edit]

Phillip M. Jackson
Phillip M. Jackson
  • Phillip M. Jackson depicts himself in his own strip as a hamster. Usually seen in the company of his personal assistant, Helga.
  • Helga is Mr. Jacksons, very able, lethal, and huge amazonian PA. In bonus art in Jackson's gallery, Helga was a Valkyrie who fell from grace after an unmentioned incident in her home world, and works for Jackson in order to gain the money she needs (which she can only get if given to her by mortals) to be reinstated in her home to return.
Crazy Sven
Crazy Sven
  • Crazy Sven is a crazy human cabdriver from the almost unknown Eastern European country of Pipingrad.
  • Eyurin is a stereotypical human furry fanboy. He is also a 5 star EBuy trader.
  • Seldon is a human graphic designer coworker of Art at Wiquid Design.
Funk Cho
Funk Cho
  • Funk Cho is a well comic artist chimp celebrity and Art's hero. There's an uncanny resemblance to actual comic artist and illustrator Frank Cho.

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