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Scale (Alessio Scalerandi; born 1980)[1] is an Italian artist, his work often offering a realistic view of semi-feral anthropomorphic animals. Although better known for his soft pencil sketches and comics he has focused mostly on oil paint since 2010 and several of his paintings featuring anthropomorphic animals have been featured in local exhibitions in Italy. He has been one of the very first Italian furries having been active in the fandom since 1996.

In his comic The Synetai Chronicles which ran in 2005 and 2006 he explored a mixed community of predators (wolves) and prey (reindeer) living in symbiosys as they shared a common grade of evolution. He helped design the chakasa species.

Scale's main avatars are a male anthro reindeer named Reindeer and a female anthro reindeer named Hyleren.

Scale is one of the organizers of Zampacon.


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