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Zwabbe (also Sazalathar) is a furry artist and MILFur who lives in Sydney, Australia. His fursona is a snow leopard.

Zwabbe makes appearances in communities all over Australia, making regular appearances in all states and events, and has fursuit of Zwabbe.


Zwabbe first discovered Furry Fandom in 2002. Searching for anthro artwork to aid his newfound taste for drawing Furry characters, he discovered a Texas Furry forum.

In 2003, Zwabbe moved on from the Texas Furry forum, and made a home at the community Furtopia.

In 2004, Zwabbe discovered the Ozfurs forum and Ozfurry mailing list, and started to make contact with other Australian furries who. Zwabbe can still be found on the Ozfurs forum as an administrator, and makes the occasional post to the mailing list.

From 2004 to 2007, Zwabbe spent his time happily; meeting new Australian Furs and making international friends online. He developed two characters - Zwabbe the snow leopard and Sazalathar the panther - over the years, and he roleplays as both characters on Furcadia.

Zwabbe has also developed his photography skills; while he still draws the occasional artwork, his passion today lies in photographing nature and animals.

In January 2007, Zwabbe launched Furstralia, a Forum for Australian Furries which today houses over 1500 members and is the most active of Australian Furry online communities

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