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Picture of Savrin's fursona.

Savrin Drake (previously known as Savrin Darkfox; born 24 June 1983[1]) is a furry artist and podcaster. He is mated to Panther, and a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.


Savrin's fursona is a fennec fox. He usually goes just by "Savrin", and rarely uses the last name of his fursona.

Fandom involvement[edit]

As a child, Savrin enjoyed the Disney movie Robin Hood.[2] A few years later, when he had internet access, Savrin searched for media from the film and found the Yerf archive. He was thus introduced to the furry fandom.

Savrin is one of the hosts of the KnotCast podcast. He was to be a guest of honor for FOXmas in 2009 before the event's cancellation. He and his co-hosts were guests of honor at Oklacon in 2010. He is still involved in the fandom, acting on the Board of Directors for Furry Fiesta as well as serving as the Video Gaming track lead. He has been producing audiobooks since 2013 for Audible, having narrated all of Kyell Gold's Out of Position series, "Summerhill" by Rikoshi for FurPlanet, and "Calico" by author Dorian Gray.


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