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Dan Savage (born October 7, 1964) is a gay activist and award-winning writer living in Seattle, Washington, USA. He writes the sex advice column Savage Love, which is published in the Seattle newspaper The Stranger and syndicated to many other newspapers. He has written about furries in this column a number of times.


  • "Furries emerged in the late 1990s, right when the first generation of children whose entire lives were dominated by Disney products and imagery came of age. After being exposed to images of cuddly, safe, saucer-eyed, anthropomorphized animals throughout their childhoods, during puberty these same kids had sex presented to them as something deadly and dangerous. The abstinence "educators" and AIDS "awareness" campaigns they were subjected to exaggerated the actual risks of HIV transmission, pregnancy, and death. Is it any wonder that a tiny percentage of this Disney/abstinence generation came to fetishize the safe and cuddly stuffed animals of their childhoods?" [1]
  • "As far as we're concerned, there's nothing wrong with getting off on fursuit sex or fucking stuffed animals or anything else that doesn't involve grave bodily harm, real animals, children, or Ann Coulter."[2]
  • "We all have a right to enjoy our own desires, perversions, and hobbies, however ridiculous they might seem." [3]
  • "For the record, I'm con-bestiality (and very much pro-cunnilingus)." [4]


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