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Sasha Tigress (Donna See; 5 August 1955[1] – August 2015), was a furry fan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; formerly of Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania and Ridgefield, New Jersey. Her fursona was a Siberian tiger.

Her son is Lupin Wolfe (Matthew See).[2]

Sasha attended local furmeets and furry conventions, including Anthrocon since 2005 and FA: United 2007.


Sasha was killed in mid-August 2015 after a fight with her boyfriend, George Biegenwald, who was charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse, and evidence tampering.

In 2016, Biegenwald plead no contest to the charges in Sasha's death, as well as the attempted murder of another woman in his home ten days after killing Sasha, and was sentenced to 20-40 years.[3]


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