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Male Sarnak in EverQuest II

Sarnak are an evil race of draconids created by Sony Online Entertainment for the massively multiplayer online role-playing games EverQuest and EverQuest II.

The Sarnak are an Iksar/Dragon hybrid originally created by the Iksar to serve as soldiers in their armies. As the Iksar Empire weakened, the Sarnak revolted, claiming Chardok as their own.


The Sarnak appear as hostile mobs introduced in EverQuest's first expansion, The Ruins of Kunark. There are two Sarnak factions, the common Sarnak Collective and Chardok's Brood of Di'Zok.

EverQuest II[edit]

In EverQuest II's fourth expansion, Rise of Kunark, a new breed of Sarnaks from Gorowyn, an island in Timorous Deep, was added as a playable race. The original sarnaks formally becoming the Di'Zok.


With the worldwide disasters affecting Norrath and the rebirth of the Iksar Empire, the Di'Zok have been greatly weakened and forced back to Chardok.


The Sarnaks of Gorowyn are the result of the Di'Zok's attempts to create a superior Sarnak warrior. While successful, the super Sarnaks were rebellious and too difficult to control, forcing the Di'Zok to destroy them.

When the parrot-like Spiroc discovered the Di'Zok's long abandoned laboratory at Gorowyn, they too attempted to create a superior Sarnak to serve them. As with the Di'Zok, they were successful but completely unable to control their creation. The new breed of Sarnaks defeated the Spiroc and claimed Gorowyn as their own.

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