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espfox or espsarleox (nicknamed esp or espy) is a furry artist who lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Her fursona is a Dalmatian dog.

Discovering furry[edit]

espfox discovered the furry fandom when, during a routine patrol of the World of Warcraft forums, she came across a thread mocking an advertisement placed by Furcadia. Boredom prompted her to visit its website, where she gathered enough interest to download it and wander around.

After many months of role playing and exploring Furcadia, someone asked her how long she had been into the furry fandom. Googling the term, she was shocked to discover that Furcadia was the mere tip of the iceberg of something she had felt a part of for most of her life.

Social life[edit]

Not particularly social online, espfox prefers real life interaction. Regardless of this, she frequents the furstralia forums, LiveJournal, MSN, and has been known (albeit exceptionally rarely) to pop up on the #brisfurs and #ozfurs channels in IRC. She no longer haunts Furcadia as she used to.

espfox attends Coffee Night and sometimes other similiar local furmeets. She attended RivFur in 2008 and again in 2009.


espfox's sarleox fursona

Originally a feral red fox with blue eyes, espfox's fursona changed and developed into a sabretoothed leopard/fox hybrid, and then into the incarnation of a sarleox.

In May 2010, esp changed her character to a Dalmatian dog, due to the perception that her character was "too impersonal and unapproachable".[1]


  1. Fursona Change - espsarleox's FA journal (10 May 2010)

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