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Sarin Kilgare (pronounced S-air-in), full Sarin Birran Kilgare, is a furry artist and writer.


Sarin has a penchant for females, skunks and felines with fluffy tails. His favorite food-types are Italian and Sushi. He is generally amenable to meeting and speaking with new people, enjoys the company of his mate Ceysna MoonShadow, being employed at a myriad of occupational enticements and writing out his second novel Downtime.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Sarin and Sylion organized the Gainesville, Florida furry group back in 1998.[citation needed] Desiree Mentil took over and merged with the North Central Florida Furs (NCFF) around 2004. The NCFF reorganized to become the Gainesville Furs under new leadership in October 2014 and Sarin drops by for meets irregularly, as usual.


Sarin Birran Kilgare's fursona is a Russian Blue house cat.

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