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Sarah and Husband Benjamin
Wicked Sairah is a female sculptor and traditional media artist. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband Blueroo. Together, they have a house full of animals named after rock bands and cartoon characters. She makes her living as a freelance artist, selling sculptures and commissioned artwork over the Internet, and is a rabid collector of Disney animation cels and memorabilia.

Sairah's business, Wicked Creatures, operates out of her home studio and offers original sculpted pieces for sale and commission. Wicked Creatures also attends conventions when possible to sell art directly. Her work usually centers around Native American, Furry, Animal, or Fantasy based themes.

Sairah's real name is Sarah Krueger. She originally adopted Sairah as her name when she began creating furry themed art. Before that, she sold artwork under her own name at local festivals and art shows. The name Sairah is pronounced exactly the same as Sarah. Sairah also has other characters that show up in her art, including Proudfoot the Native American Fennec Fox, Captain Roscoe T. De Vil the Tasmanian Devil Pirate and Murdock the Raccoon Dog Pirate.

Examples of Sairah's Artwork[edit]


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Conventions attended[edit]

Wicked Sairah attended Conifur Northwest 2003,2004, and 2005; Further Confusion in 2005 - 2008; RainFurrest 2007, and All Fur Fun 2008. She was a special guest at All Fur Fun 2009.

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