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Sarabi (Swahili for 'mirage') is the mother of Simba in The Lion King. As the queen to Mufasa, she acted as the leader of the lionesses in the pride, even after Scar took over the pride.


According to the book Friends in Need, Sarabi was betrothed to Mufasa at a young age, and as adolescents, the two would often stroll the Pride Lands together. To Mufasa's annoyance, Zazu often hovered nearby, chattering nonstop, as he hoped to assist the king in his daily ventures. One day, Sarabi got trapped in the gorge, and Zazu rushed to fetch Mufasa, who lowered a log down to Sarabi to help her out. Once to safety, Sarabi thanked Mufasa and Zazu for saving her life. She and Mufasa then walk side-by-side while Zazu flies overhead. After she married Mufasa, she became Scar's sister-in-law and he became her brother-in-law.

The character was voiced by Madge Sinclair in the English version of the movie.

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