Santus Dee Lupinus

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Santus Dee Lupinus, also known as Santus D. Lupinus or Santus, is a furry artist, philosopher, and comedian dedicated to overcoming nihilism in modern society.


His fursona is a red wolf, mixed with a traces of tabby cat. He has also been seen as a rubber lion, a kangaroo, and a cat. He is non-anthro.

His name carries the implications of both sainthood and a play on the species name of the gray wolf. It is not a misnomer, although he always argues that it is, because of his chosen vocation as a provocateur, sophist, and comedian.


Graphic art[edit]

Santus has created a large collection of graphic art. His specialty is coloring, specifically soft-shading. He is incapable of cell-shading, although he has the tools and knowledge necessary for their use.

His artistic style is defined by an overstatement of shadow and dark colours. He does not post the things he draws, however, he regards the general quality to be under that which is worth showing, although his colorations are gaining some popularity.

Linguistic art[edit]

A notable poet and argumentationalist, Santus has created a large collection of poetry on a large collection of subjects, along with a small collection of half-written stories, news articles on unfortunate subjects, and rants on things that don't deserve them (for example, why Hitler was an okay kind of guy).

These things have only been noted in hints. That he has a position in the media forces him to maintain a safe distance in his identity. His half-written, unpublished novels contain furry characters.

Contributions to society[edit]

Arguments about pessimism[edit]

Santus has contributed a number of arguments about the need for pessimism (or, as some might call it, cynicism) in modern society. All of them reduce, essentially, to the unneccessariness of morality in modern society, of the ignorance of optimism, and to the human condition, specifically, the "underlying sadomasochistic tendencies of the human collective consciousness".

Explanations of the furry fandom[edit]

Santus has postulated two different accounts of the Furry Fandom.

  • The first is: "It's all about getting closer to animals, in every sense of the word."
  • The second is a convoluted argument that was abandoned as impossible and unnecessary.
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