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Sandy Cheeks.

Sandy Cheeks (full name: Sandra Jennifer Cheeks) is a character in the Nickelodeon TV cartoon series, SpongeBob SquarePants. She is voiced in all franchises by Carolyn Lawrence.


Sandy is a brown squirrel from Texas. Being active and athletic, she lives the ultimate challenge of living underwater, but in an air-filled treedome, in Bikini Bottom (the SBSP community setting).


Sandy out of her suit

Over the course of the series, Sandy is shown to be a keen athlete and bodybuilder. When she isn't lifting weights or practising karate, Sandy will bring SpongeBob along on one of her thrill-seeking adventures underwater, dressed in her air-filled deep-water suit (similar to a space suit). Sandy otherwise wears a two-piece purple bikini (with a chartreuse bottom) when inside her treedome.

Physical Description[edit]

Sandy is very small and thin. She has a long poofy tail, long neck and large head. Her entire body is covered with thick brown fur. Ironically, in one episode, her fur is fake.

Relationship with SpongeBob[edit]

It is a popular idea among fans of the series that Sandy and SpongeBob are in a romantic relationship, and several episodes have frequently been highlighted as proof of this within the series:

  • Tea at the Treedome - Romantic music plays in flashbacks of Sandy.
  • Valentines Day - Sandy gives SpongeBob a heart-shaped acorn as a present and tells him that she is "nuts" for him.
  • Ripped Pants - SpongeBob sings a song about his friendship with Sandy that includes romantic lyrics.
  • Squirrel Jokes - In which Sandy hugs SpongeBob and later signs a letter to him with a heart.
  • Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm - SpongeBob tries almost everything to stop Sandy from attacking a giant worm, saying that he can't allow Sandy to get killed.
  • Pre-Hibernation Week - Sandy becomes particularly clingy to SpongeBob during her last week of hibernation and literally tears Bikini Bottom apart when SpongeBob goes missing.
  • Flowers for Sandy - In which SpongeBob gives Sandy a bouquet of flowers with a note addressed to: "The smartest, prettiest squirrel in Bikini Bottom".
  • WhoBob WhatPants? - Sandy breaks down in tears on hearing that SpongeBob has left Bikini Bottom.
  • Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy - SpongeBob calls Sandy a "special friend" when greeting her in the Krusty Krab resteraunt.

However, this claim has been challenged, following claims by the show's creators that SpongeBob is asexual[1], but the pairing remains popular among fans. Several annuals have also officially confirmed that SpongeBob does hold feelings for Sandy, but do not state whether these feelings are returned.[2][3]

A trailer for Truth or Square, which was released on November 6, 2009, features footage of Sandy and SpongeBob getting married, further hinting at a relationship between them.[4]


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