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Author(s) John Prengaman, Jr.
Update schedule Active
Launch date June 5, 2006
End Date Present

Sandusky is a webcomic by John Prengaman, Jr., whose previous works include the defunct comic PAWZ. Sandusky shares a story about how Scott (their owner), Bunker, and Sandusky live and interact together, while having their own differences and quirks.


An urban home in Arizona with desert not too far away.


Sandusky, a mountain lion is your typical your typical everyday run-of-the-mill 150lb (est) housecat, confident, curious, and lazy. He has been domesicated over time, but as they say, "you can take the mountain lion out of wild, but you can't take the wild out of the mountain lion." He has cat-like reflexes (duh!) and is quite good with video games. He favorite food is Whoppers, but lookout when he's under the influence of catnip. Even though he's definitely the alpha between him and bunker, he and Bunker are best friends.

Bunker, a Husky/Australian Shepard Dog hybrid is 100% domesticated. He's quite docile but yet is very observant. He loves watching soap operas and surfing the internet. At first, he wasn't to keen on Sandusky's arrival, but he and Sandusky have grown to become best friends.

Scott (human), the owner of Bunker found Sandusky as a cub on the doorstep of his apartment. He graciously adopted him and gave him a good home, much to Bunker's disapproval. He's a very laid back father and spends as much time as possible caring for his two furry children when he's not working to pay bills and fix various damages caused by them. Because of Sandusky's "wild animal," status, Scott must keep him secret, and only a select few people know.

Ashley (human) is Scott's fiancee and works at the local veterinarian clinics that Scott takes Bunker and Sandusky for check-ups. She also owns a Husky/Australian Shepard hybrid named Sierra that Bunker had a crush on before he found out they were from the same litter.

Dr. Rumack (human) is the owner of the Veternarian clinic. He knows that Scott takes good care of Sandusky and promises to keep his overgrown housecat secret from the public.

Kashmir (cheetah) lives at Desert Paradise, a wildlife refuge for animals. He and Sandusky became good friends after taking several visits to the wildlife park. Kashmir is truly from the wild, so he is able to clue Sandusky in on what he's "missing".

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