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Sanchi Sunpelt, also known as Prodigious9 (born December 26),[1] is a babyfur and furry artist who lives in Ashburn, Georgia, U.S.A.[2] He has three fursonas, but the main one in use is Sanchi.


  • Sanchi- an "Orange-ish" cat-fox hybrid, is a babyfur character, he is the youngest most innocent of the three. He is usually seen in just a diaper, or a diaper and a shirt of some sort. While he may appear in clothes of various childish fashions he is still usually, obviously "Padded" as this is what the artist prefers for this character. His parents are unknown and are to believed to have passed on before Sanchi became aware of his surroundings. Sanchi looks up to and idolizes his older "sister", as she is the only family he has. Probably afraid that she will abandon him, he can oft times be heard saying " Please don't tell my sister!" after doing something naughty like saying a bad word.

Sanchi is not available for "yiffy" pictures.

  • Samantha (or Sami)- This character originally belonged to Slushie-Nyappy-Paws but had fallen into obscurity over time; and was in need of a new, good home. Prodigious9, who was blown away by her beauty as well as her similar fur and eye color to his main fursona, "adopted" her as Sanchi's older sister, for an undisclosed amount.

While this character is obviously the one adopted from another artist, their background story has it that it is actually Sanchi who was adopted as a "little brother" to Samantha after being orphaned at a young age. She appears to be heiress to at least some small fortune and is pretty well-off, as she already owns her own home with several "privileged" installments such as a built-in pool.

While she is cute and generally has a very sweet personality, it would not be wise to get on her bad side as she quite athletic and dangerously enough skilled in Feline Martial Arts.

While she loves Sanchi dearly, she does have her own life to run as well; she is rarely seen with Sanchi due to being off at Art College studying dance or participating in some other school function. This doesn't leave Sanchi at home alone though as she is more than capable of hiring a trustworthy caretaker. This does leave him feeling lonely most of the time though, as there is nothing like having a member of your real family around to climb into bed with on a stormy night.

Rumor has it that these two may actually be cousins or very close relatives due to a certain undeniably similar marking on each of their bodies, quite easily visible on Samantha but usually hidden away on Sanchi.

Samantha -is also under protection from any kind of "Yiffy" arts. She will also never be seen Padded.

The other character mentioned is a Purple, rainbow adorned skunk aptly name "Flair Le Flamboyante" due to his colorful fur and possibly the fact that he is a Bi-sexual character.

Flair Le Flamboyante- This character is the artist's "Adult" diaperfur character. His main fur color is purple, he sports a rather pointy Mohawk that is divided from front to back with the colors blue, green, yellow, orange,and red. He also has a similar set of 6 stripe-markings running from the base of his neck to the tip of his tail, when looking at him from behind and moving from right to left they are- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo.

He may possibly appear at any age in a drawing. He is not considered to be permanently set in any permanent time-frame in relation Sanchi and Sami and is on his own "sliding time-frame" in which he can appear in their world at below Sanchi's age and anywhere beyond.

Flair -unlike his two co-characters- is available for "yiffy" pics. 


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