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The San Francisco Furry Party is a house party held about once a month at Sagemane, Tenebris and Hunter Gryphon's apartment in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. Along with the San Francisco Furmeet, it was created to provide a regular get-together opportunity for furs in the San Francisco, East Bay and North Bay areas to supplement the events already occurring in the South Bay, but regularly draws furs from all over the Bay Area and even Sacramento and Santa Cruz.


The event began in July 2006 with a housewarming party and continued almost every other weekend since till April 2008, with some schedule adjustments being performed around holidays and other major events in the Bay Area. There was also a hiatus during March and April of 2007 when a change of roommates occurred, leading to another housewarming party and the resumption of the bi-weekly schedule in May 2007, which continued into early 2008. As of May 2008, the parties moved to a monthly schedule, held on the last Saturday night of the month, as announced on the Bay Area Furry mailing list.


As of 12/12/2011, the parties typically begin Saturday evening after 6:00p.m. and attendees may stay the night if desired. Parking in the area is very limited, but five SF Muni bus lines stop within one block and the Balboa Park BART and Muni Metro station is less than a mile away.

Current party dates and times are announced one to two weeks in advance on the Bay Area Furry mailing list and posted to the Bay Area Furry group on Upcoming.

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