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Sammy Samoyed at Conifur 2005.

Sammy Samoyed (also known as Jenna Vixen and Damon) is a male furry and fursuiter. He was born and raised in the United States, but moved to the United Kingdom in 2008 to live with his mate and civil partner, Graafen Blackpaw. Sammy has been interested in furry artwork all of his life, and has been an active member of the furry fandom for well over ten years.


Sammy has several different fursonas that's he's used at various points throughout his tenure in the fandom.

Sammy Samoyed is a male Samoyed dog with white, fluffy fur, and one blue eye and one brown eye. He's a bouncy puppy-like character, and is known to be occasionally flamboyant. The Sammy fursuit was originally owned by Latin Vixen, and was purchased by Sammy in late 2004. Originally just a "fursuit character", Sammy Samoyed's player has, over time, developed character traits for him that represent his playful, bouncy side.

Damon Canine is a male silver-phase fox with red stripes around his arms, legs, tail and ears.

Jenna Vixen is female, and is also a silver-phase red fox. She is Damon Canine's sister, and has the same colour patterns as he does.

Damon Blackpaw is a skinny, but muscular, white werewolf.


Sammy owns three fursuits, though one of them is currently in storage.

As noted above, the Sammy Samoyed fursuit was originally owned by Latin Vixen. Sammy purchased him in late 2004. The head was constructed by Ryngs Raccoon, the hand paws by Jax, and everything else by Latin Vixen.

Jenna Vixen at FC 2008.

Jenna Vixen was built by Mixed Candy, and first appeared at Further Confusion 2006.

Damon Canine was partial fursuit. The head was built by Latin Vixen in May 2004, and Sammy made the paws and tail himself. This fursuit is currently in storage, and is retired.

Fandom activities[edit]

Besides fursuiting, Sammy is very active in the furry fandom. He frequently chats online and tries to meet up with other furs as often as he can.

Sammy occasionally co-hosted a now-defunct show on BritFur FM with Graafen Blackpaw called Lupus Ex Machina, using the nickname "Damon".

He also enjoys attending conventions, and has attended over 20 during his time in the fandom. He tries to regularly attend Further Confusion and EuroFurence, and is a Con Ops staff member for RBW.

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