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Samantha Toxx.

Sam Toxx (pronounced Sam Ta-ox; real name Samantha Marrie born April 28, 1991, in Grass Valley, California) is a female furry artist and writer who lives in Califorina, U.S.A. She is a kidfur.

Sam's fursona is a foxit (a fox-rabbit hybrid) who has a short snout, long lop ears, digitigrade fox legs, canine teeth, and a fox tail.[1]

An active member of the furry fandom since around 1996, Sam is on Second Life where she is a DJ in various clubs.

Sam got her name after her high school crush,[who?] but soon[when?] her crush moved away and the name never changed. The last name Toxx was just added after she joined Second Life and has stuck with her ever since.

In 2009, on her 18th birthday, Sam moved to the Georgia Area for a short time, not staying long though, she soon moved back to her home town and has been there ever since.

She has been attending local fur meets in the Sacramento Califorina area as of the 28th of February.


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