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SalemtheCruel, also known as ClassyVixen (born November 16, 1995), is a female furry writer who lives in the United States.

Fandom involvement[edit]

SalemtheCruel passion for anthropomorphism and story writing began in part due to animated shows and films like TaleSpin and The Rescuers, and books like Brian Jacques' Redwall series. This series eventually led to her discovering Redwall Wiki, and Redwall Wars Wiki, where she remained for a time before exiting the community. She is a writer of both fanfiction and original stories, and can be found on SoFurry under the name "ClassyVixen". She was also at one point a role-player.

She has joined and created multiple Wikis to house her wide assortment of stories, which range from medieval fantasy to a more modern literature to smut.


SalemtheCruel has three main fursonas; the vixens Jewel and Salem and the sable Vilaya Regina Skelton.


As of January 4th, 2017, SalemtheCruel has been permanently banned from the Redwall Wars Wiki on charges of "false information, defamatory remarks, fear-mongering, and encouraging users to abandon the Wiki".[1]


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