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Pencil sketch of Sakuri's fursona, drawn by Sveykune in 2007.

Sakuri Rainne (born September 30, 1991) is a furry music composer from Holland, Michigan, U.S.A.


Sakuri graduated from West Ottawa High School in 2009, and is currently attending Alma College, studying New Media Studies and percussion performance.

Music Work[edit]

As of January 2009, Sakuri primarily uses a plethora of open source audio manipulation programs for his work:

  • Madtracker 2.6: The program where all editing and recording comes together; Sakuri exports all finished music to an .OGG format before converting them to .MP3.
  • Audacity: Used specifically by Sakuri to record and edit down sound samples. Since he got his laptop, he started using the newer BETA version.
  • MakeMusic Finale: Until recently (his license expired on Finale 96), Sakuri used Finale to record his music using a MIDI keyboard. He could then export the file as a .MIDI file and then import it to Madtracker.

Video Work[edit]

In addition to music, Sakuri has also made a name for himself in his hometown for his extensive work in movie-making. His work has won many awards, including 1st place in Florida's national "Why Not?" Competition.


Sakuri is a closed-open homosexual. That is, he doesn't out and say that he's gay, but if someone asks, he has no problem letting them know. He's been open since he was 13, but has also tried as hard as possible to break the stereotypes of the gay fur.

Sakuri's player, Brandon, posing for his high school senior picture in his backyard.

Personal Life[edit]

Sakuri was born in Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A. to a band director and percussion major.

When he was 3, he and his family moved to Frankfort, Michigan, U.S.A. It was there that he started to develop his love of music, joining band and remaining in for the rest of his high school career. It was also here that he was molested by his best friend's dad.

At the end of his 8th grade year at Frankfort High School, they moved once again to Holland, Michigan, U.S.A., where he was allowed to further pursue his love of both music and video at West Ottawa High School.

In the spring term of his Junior year, he received word that yet another victim -- one of twenty-one -- of molestation from the same man finally stepped forward, and police were now venturing for more victims. He chose to step forward and testify against the man, who has been convicted of a lesser charge of Criminal Sexual Conduct of the 2nd Degree via plea bargain.

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