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Sakiimi is an artist, and the name of a character she created, a German Shepherd said to be born from the stars.

Originally Sakiimi was invented to be part of the story Vega, but soon became her own standalone entity.

Physical appearance[edit]

Standing flat foot at 5'7", Sakiimi is predominantly standard in markings, being tan in coat with a bar down her back. Her fore and hind paws are a warm deep grey, almost black. Her tail is the same color. Her miss-matched ears (one dark grey and erect while the the other, tan, is flopped) suggest that her background may include more than just German Shepherd ancestry. Her eyes are mixed too, one icy blue and the other intense green. Unlike most German Shepherds, Sakiimi's face is all tan. Her nose is black.

Her hair is back length and flipped. It is naturally light auburn in color (as it first appears the story Vega) but is styled in a more rebellious fashion, still auburn in the front with pink tendrils on the side. In the back, it's cut shorter and dyed black, styled in a spikey flipped manner.


Sakiimi has two siblings, a Fennec fox she adopted in 2003 named Wasabi, and an older brother, also adopted, named Grynn Wolf.


Sakiimi's personality is sweet and caring like any German Shepherd. She's fun loving and loyal. Her favorite toys are a tennis ball and her very special squeaky fish. She is so far single, choosing for herself to wait for the right guy to come her way, although she has had her fair share of male company. She is a big flirt even with the same sex.

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