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Sai's new mini monster form. (Created by Saikorebon)
Sai's lizard form. (2004-2006, created by Saikorebon)

Saikorebon (sai·ko·re·bon), known simply as "Sai", is a comic artist and animator, and the creator of the comic Ribbon.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Sai has been in the furry fandom since early 2002, and is currently an active member of Fur Affinity. He can occasionally be found on FurNet, usually in the FurAffinity or GamerFurs channels.


Sai's very first fursona was a chibi blue wingless dragon, which eventually evolved into a darker blue lizard. In September 2006, Sai's fursona changed into a cute mini monster in the form of a dog/tiger-like character, due to the fact that he wanted to let everybody know that he has a "soft side". This is mainly because the fans of the Ribbon series were upset that Sai turned into a violent character in Strip #13.

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