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Saigon, full Saigon The Komodo, also known as Garagecrew (born June 1, 1992), is a furry fan and fursuiter who lives in Santa Cruz, California, USA.[1]

fandom involvement[edit]

Saigon first got involved in the furry fandom in mid-2008, when he was introduced to it by Tailsrulz, a furry artist whom he found on deviantART.[2] Saigon toyed with the idea of formally joining the fandom in 2008 and 2009, but did not get heavily involved in it until late 2010.

After his first convention, Further Confusion 2011, Saigon was inducted into the Further Confusion staff by Kiteless Dragon, and acted as a Species Organizer.[clarify][citation needed]


Saigon's fursona is a Komodo dragon. He also has a "planesona" ("aircraft fursona"), which is a United States Air Force's B-58 Hustler from the Cold War era.[2]

Convention attendance[edit]


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