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Sai Stripetail's currently most accurate depiction
Sai Stripetail is a skunk who has served as a moderator on the Furry Army of Doom's forum since March 2006. He is an avid fan of 2, the Ranting Gryphon and can usually be found on the forum or conversing with 2 on the gryphon's LiveJournal.

Sai was also the leader of the FYF (Furry Yiffy Friends), a role playing MSN group which disbanded in 2005, where he had met most of his best friends.

Sai is mated with Varzen Flind Dralmort, whom he met in a Star Fox MSN group.


The now 18 year-old skunk was born and raised in Washington State. His current place of residence is Neilton, WA, where he lives with his mother and a younger sister. Sai is a student at Grays Harbor College, which is situated about 40 miles further south in Aberdeen. The 5 year period of his life that he spent living in Mexico (9-14 years old) has given him the capability to be bilingual in both English and Spanish.

Sai's generally friendly, but sometimes you can't really tell whether you have to take him seriously or if he's pulling your leg. However, his obvious cuteness and charm more than make up for his quirky antics.



Sai enjoys collecting combat weapons. He has accumulated quite a lot of them so far, including:

  • swords
  • sais
  • nunchucks
  • throwing-spikes
  • chain whip
  • staff
  • boken
  • kali sticks
  • mace-ball flail

Other Hobbies[edit]

Like many other furs, Sai likes to play video games and has many of the latest consoles, including the Nintendo Wii. He is an avid fan of the Star Fox series, One Piece and the Sarah Silverman Show. Nevertheless, the skunk is also into pen and paper games like Dungeons and Dragons, proving that it doesn't always take high-tech to rivet him.