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Sahara, also known as Saharalion (born February 26),[1] is a furry who lives in Southern California, U.S.A.[2]


Sahara uses two personal characters:

  • Sahara (created circa 2005), a Californian cougar (or mountain lion).
  • Joust (created circa 2007), a fox who tries to dress in sophisticated attire, and loves to confuse with his accent.


Sahara stepped into the furry scene circa 2001, while participating in KidsFaire events and other SoCal furry gatherings. In his early years, with the assistance of Scruff E. Coyote, he created the "SoCal Paws and Claws" furry interest and furry events group.

Sahara has worked for many years with a few different charities within the Central and Southern California areas, most of which have been sponsoring dog welfare and fundraising.


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