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SafeHaven is a general furry chat channel on the FurNet IRC Network, offering a friendly, safe and upbeat environment to all furs and people. Initially designed as a small channel for the SafeHaven household in Melbourne, Australia, it slowly grew into a moderately large channel with a global userbase, usually averaging between 30 - 40 people, but then evened out to about 20 - 25 by the end of 2010. After the 2011 Brisbane floods where Lore Darkclaw now resides, lowered channel attendance by Lore and other key members resulted in the general decline of the channel culminating with the passing on of channel owner/founder stats to Paul_Fox in 2013. Currently (in 2015) the channel remains active with more Australian based users, thus reslting in the channel being most active during the Australian evening.

Rules - brief[edit]

For those who want the in-depth rules, see Rules - extended (below) (Version 9.0 current as of May 13, 2011)

  • 1. #SafeHaven is a no yiff channel.
  • 2. Do not attack, insult or threaten any individual.
  • 3. All topics are welcome within reason.
  • 4. Do not use any automated programs, and minimize the use of manual scripts/programs, including away messages.
  • 5. Profanity is allowed, except where it clashes with rules 1 or 2.
  • 6. No spamming. Period.
  • 7. ENGLISH only!
  • 8. Minimize CAPS LOCK.
  • 9. Do not bypass bans.
  • 10. Let the Ops team do their jobs.
  • 11. No fighting, attention whoring, or threatening self-harm of any kind.
  • 12. Do not post malicious links.

Rules - extended[edit]

(Version 8.0 current as of May 13, 2011)

  • 1. First and foremost, unless otherwise stated in the current channel topic, #Safehaven is a no yiff channel, although minor erotic roleplay is allowed within reason.
  • 2. ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL ATTACKS, INSULTS, OR THREATS. We cannot choose our date of birth, height, eye color, biological family, gender, skin color, sexuality, or the forced actions of others. Harassing people about things beyond our control will NOT be tolerated. And if you physically threaten to hurt or kill anyone in, or out of the room, you will be removed AND reported to FurNET admins. There are FurNET admins who reside in channel and log all public posts. This rule also extends to the use of email and/or text messaging/instant messaging services to continue such conversations that have been started in channel.
  • 3. You may discuss any subject not otherwise forbidden by other rules. Everyone also has a right to talk whenever they want, but please consider others. "Taboo" topics (like religion and politics for example) ARE allowed also, but within reason. These are things we DO choose, so they are fair game.
    • NOTE: Do not preach or witness in the room. That is just rude, so don't do it. Your religion and beliefs are no more important or special than anyone elses. Spreading your propaganda will get you nowhere but suspended or banned.
  • 4. Please do not use automated programs that list what music you're listening to, etc, and please disable your away message if you are chatting in channel. As a rule of thumb, please minimize your use of away messages and/or manual scripts/programs.
  • 5. Profanity, cursing, swearing, foul language, whatever you want to call it, is allowed, EXCEPT if it conflicts with either rules 1 or 2. We like to let everyone be themselves and talk how they like, but within reason. Calling others names like "nigger" and "fag/faggot" will get you booted out before you know what hit you. We do not accept the usage of words when used in a derogatory fashion.
  • 6. No spamming. This includes repeated postings of text, pictures, links, websites, other chat rooms, and porn. Those who do will be warned. If that doesn't work, you get kicked. If that still doesn't work, you get suspended.
  • 7. English ONLY! We greatly respect people from all over the world and their native languages. However, the vast majority of our members are from America, Australia, Canada, England, and New Zealand where English is the primary language. So we ask that you please keep it English. Also, refrain from Ebonics, 1337, netspeak and any other abomination of the English language. Although using it won't get you kicked immediately, it does get annoying after the first few lines, so show us you have some level of maturity and intelligence by typing normally. If not, don't blame us for the flaming you will receive.
  • 8. No repeated CAPS LOCK usage please! You can use CAPS LOCK occassionally for expressive purposes, and will be forgiven if its an accident, but continual use of CAPS without reason could result in suspension from the channel.
  • 9. Do NOT bypass bans. Bypassing bans can and will result in a permanent ban from #SafeHaven, and possibly FurNet.
  • 10. Let the Ops Team do their job! They were promoted to their positions for a reason. It is their job to enforce the rules of #SafeHaven, not yours. We do appreciate you wanting to help out, however it does make things more confusing in the room. If you see an issue where no action is being taken, get the attention of an Ops member, but if they are dealing with the problem, STAY OUT OF IT.
    • NOTE: Telling the Ops Team how to do their job doesn't help either, and if by chance there is no Ops member available, log the chat and send it to an active admin. If no admins are available, email Lore on the email address listed below.
  • 11. NO fighting or attention whoring!! This is a chatroom, NOT a boxing ring. And if we see you spamming "Everyone love me" or "I wanna die, someone kill me" or some stupid shit like that, we will warn you first, then kick you if you continue. Don't come back in saying you were joking, THIS is your warning, don't bitch about it. This also includes any and all references to self-harm. You are free to ask for advice or ask to talk to someone, but be aware that we are not counselors and therefore our opinions are our own and not those of a medical professional.
  • 12. Although this should be common sense, we have had a number of issues with this in recent times. Whilst in channel, posting links is ok, provided that they do not link to any malicious software (virus, spyware, etc.). We get enough of that from just browsing the interblogs, so please don't post these sort of links. Some people have also posted a disclaimer. The problem with this is that if you post the disclaimer prior to posting a link, and someone joins between those two times, then the disclaimer is null and void. Therefore, don't post these links, because you will be banned if you continue to do so after being warned.
    • NOTE: Posting malicious links is, in part, a breach of rule 2.

Administrator list[edit]

Those In charge

  • Lore Darkclaw - Eremitus Owner/Founder
  • Paul_fox - Current Owner


  • Lumix
  • Razzy



  • Spikeda
  • Whitefang

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