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Sacred (born July 1988, Ashford, England) is a member of the UK furry fandom. His fursona is a toned, anthropomorphic bull. He is an active member of the LondonFurs community and a lively fursuiter and artist, though sometimes comes across as a shy and withdrawn person.


Sacred fursuit version 2, constructed by Schenzi

To date, there have been two 'Sacred' fursuits:


  • The name and fursona were inspired by the Final Fantasy VIII (8) Guardian Force Summon: Brothers
  • The species was chosen purely for uniqueness.
  • He is not called 'Sacredbull'. This is a common misconception based on usernames on websites.
  • Sacred is a anthropomorphic bull, but could easily be classed as a Minotaur.
  • Sacred's design used to have a ponytail.

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