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Sabrina Bear (also known as Sabrinageek, DJ Sabrina, DJ Sabby Tabby, 'Brina, or Sabrina McGee; born September 14, 1977 in Rockford, Illinois, U.S.A) is a furry DJ and podcaster, and a member of LAFF.

Sabrina is a MTF pre-operative transsexual and has been in the furry fandom since 1995. She was introduced to Furry through the works of Eric W. Schwartz when she first learned how to hook up her Amiga 2000 computer to the internet and found Amy the Squirrel and Sabrina.

Sabrina previously went by the name Stacey, but in 2006 she reinvented herself and took inspiration from her favorite nerdy skunkette and took the name Sabrina. Sabrina's fursona is a female brown bear, and while she loves to be girly and frilly, she is also a tomboy and loves to get her hands dirty working on any of a number of different projects. She is very seldom without tools of some sort, and seems to always have a wrench on her somewhere.

While Sabrina has been in the furry community since 1995, she only attended her first furry convention (Midwest FurFest) in 2007.

In 2008, Sabrina attended Rocket City FurMeet for the first time, where she also volunteered as a DJ for their Sunday Night Dances. While attending, she was selected as RCFM's first "Attendee Guest of Honor."

Sabrina is a fan of many other types of sci-fi and geek fandoms and is no stranger to conventions, having attended Anime Central, GenCon, and other smaller conventions as well.

In her "spare" time, Sabrina also is a DJ in Second Life at the largest Firefly themed Bar/Nightclub in Second Life, appropriately named "Firefly's."

Sabrina is also a podcaster, with her own syndicated podcast, Sabrina Talk, which is a podcast-journal detailing her life, focusing on being transsexual. Sabrina Talk is syndicated on the Trans FM Radio Network. She also works for other podcasts, including being sound editor for Tales From the 'Verse, a Firefly Fanfiction Podcast.

Sabrina is also a voice actor and, as of June, 2008, is working on the Firefly Audio Drama, Dark Places, which is still under production.

Sabrina is also a big fan of Steampunk fandom, and is looking for ways to incorporate Steampunk and Furry together into a new concept she calls steamfur. She's also a burgeoning fursuiter and is currently beginning work on her first partial fursuit.

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