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SS Comix is the hub where all of Philip Seals' and KL Sanchez's projects not related to Steve and Mac reside, why not, including the defunct side-projects of The Bagel Revolution and Strangely Normal, although SN had a definite end to it, as opposed to TBR's abrupt demise.

Whereas TBR was Web-14 for the most part, and SN was in the PG-to-14 range at worst, the new projects of Comicarotica and Charlie Sev venture further into the Web-Mature world than Steve and Mac, although by how much is debatable. Charlie Sev especially is rated NC-17, and tucked away in a special corner of the site.

Steve and Mac[edit]

Steve and Mac, although Philip and Kevin's second venture into comic making, is by far the most successful one. Featuring a wide and growing cast of characters and an edgy sort of humor that has been described as "Richard Pryor meets Ctrl-Alt-Delete", Steve and Mac is best read by the open-minded, humor-loving dregs of society we all know you are.

Strangely Normal[edit]

Strangely Normal was Kevin's pet project on the side of Steve and Mac, but just over halfway through he knew it had about run its course, and so he decided to cut it at 100 strips. The entirety of the archive is kept alive at SS Comix, for posterity.

The Bagel Revolution[edit]

TBR originally began as a three-man joint effort between Kevin, Philip, and a guy known only by his avatar name of Soup. Cooky and oftentimes wacky, the project nonetheless crawled to an untimely halt as Kevin ran out of the energy to produce it. Completely mouse-drawn (although largely copy-and-paste), the comic still took too much out of him, as he was in college at the time and became drained by the effort. Over time, Soup became reclusive, and hasn't been easy to reach since TBR died.


Comicarotica was born from the twisted workings of Kevin's mind, although Philip played a healthy hand in its creation by giving Kevin material to work with. A gag-a-strip comic, it updates only once weekly so as not to take focus off Steve and Mac, and is edgier still than Steve and Mac, and a good deal more surreal.

Charlie Sev[edit]

Charlie Sev, Kevin's latest pet project, began as just a random character. Rated NC-17 for all possible things that can merit such a rating, Charlie Sev explores the world of crime and violence through a series of short stories, strung together in an episodic manner as Kevin tells Charlie's story. Not for the average reader, so you'd be well advised to stay away.

Born Fuzzy[edit]

Another side project of Kevin's. Created as a one-off pet project, he decided one day that he didn't draw animals well enough, and decided to rectify the problem by producing a miniseries focusing completely on a pair of dogs. The entire thing went from draft to completion within a week, and helped him explore with animal forms and colors. As a result, Kevin is now confident in his ability to draw animals in a unique manner.


  • With the arrival of Born Fuzzy, artist KL Sanchez has now worked on, completed, or is currently working on a comic of every rating.
  • While artist KL Sanchez has created numerous artworks depicting anthropomorphic characters, he doesn't consider himself a true furry.

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