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SOF, the Save Our Fandom movement (early to mid 1990s), an idea born on the post-BBS Internet era, is considered by many to be the earliest incarnation of the furry conservatism ideology. Members called themselves SOF Furs.


This particular group, with the help of the early, and rapidly growing, Internet medium, would eventually coalesce into the very first of many similar groups that have continued to engage furry fandom to this day, on and off its electronic boundaries.


They publicly advocated such ideas as the expulsion of the perceived "fringe elements" within the fandom, especially furry lifestylers and gay furries. They also delivered proposals to the heads of early furry conventions about curbing the nascent, and rapidly growing amount of adult furry art material quickly dominating such cons' art shows and exhibits.

One long-term goal was for the furry fandom itself to return to the "Golden Age of Furrydom," a time that was often joked about by the group's early detractors.

End of an ideology[edit]

SOF quietly disappeared around late 1995. Some of the most radical members use to use the moniker "Shove Off, Faggots!" for their group.

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