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SKORCH was the "semi-official fanzine of the Burned Fur movement," as described by member Michael Campbell, its designated editor. The stated goal of publishing it was "to produce the kind of magazine that a reader can't go through without saying 'Gee, I never thought about it like THAT' at least once."


  • Art.
Art pieces were limited to a "digest" size format (14x21.6 cm / 5.5x8.5 in) in black and white only. "Adult" art was not permitted, "Cheesecake" being the exception.
  • Text.

Text pieces would have fallen into one of three categories:

"Featured Articles": Essays about the anthropomorphic scene (art, people, or business).
"Regular Colums": Reviews, "Industry" news, "How to" articles, etc.
"Soapbox editorials": Personal thoughts or "rants" concerning the fandom. "Flaming" was not encouraged.


  • SKORCH #1 (published 1999.)
Content: ?
  • SKORCH #2 (Cancelled.)


SKORCH seems to have been cancelled for unknown reasons (probably involving the meltdown and breakup of the Burned Furs) even though the first printing sold out in about 90 days, according to Burned Fur member, Peter Schorn (Hangdog). Its editor, Michael Campbell, complained about never receiving a copy of the issue for his efforts. No further attempts at additional issues were made.