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Host(s) Agouti-Rex and Aurelina
Update schedule weekly
Launch date October 1, 2012
End Date Ongoing
Genre comedy

SHOW, also known as PodCastigation, is a comedy podcast and grand guignol spectacle produced by Aurelina and Agouti-Rex.


Aurelina is an animatronic puppet created by the Jim Henson Creature workshop, constructed of over 15 tons of latex and foam rubber and requiring 12 puppeteers and yards of cable to operate. Agouti-Rex is a cgi construct added in post-production; during filming, guests are told to stare at a dangling boom mic to simulate his line of view. SHOW is almost entirely ad libbed by its two hosts, although SHOW editor Aurelina claims to do extensive post-production work to remove Agouti's constant repetitive "um" 's.

SHOW is unique in that it has few running gags, instead creating entirely fresh material every episode. SHOW's comedy style is bitingly funny and highly sarcastic, mostly consisting of quick witty banter, a mix of high-brow cultural allusions and earthy cheek, and stream of consciousness absurdism. Frequent topics include bizarre fetish stories and fan fiction gleaned from websites like; reviews of strange childrens' films found in local thrift shops, religious comics, and ancient web 1.0 websites; and general critiques of fandom excess. Both hosts are especially known for their insightful but humorous commentaries on fat fetishism and sexuality in general. Guests thus far have included Sigil, Moredena, Rafferty, Technicolor Pie, Kessler, and Rabbitshakejake and Zoemoss. Episodes are released on Fur Affinity and at the iTunes Store.


Every episode begins with each of the two hosts saying half of the word "SHOW," in an homage to The Electric Company.

SHOW is also notable for its self-imposed time limit; episodes rarely exceed 18 minutes due to the hosts' philosophy that podcasts should leave the audience wanting more. Both hosts have also expressed dismay at podcasts that ramble on for great lengths of time without getting to a point.

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