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SERGOM is a furry webcomic by Lennox about a group of zany employees of a flying car company which shares the same namesake as the title. In addition to flying cars, SERGOM also manufactures shuttles and commercial ships, but unfortunately, the company is on the brink of bankrupcy. In order to combat this, SERGOM utilises its fleet to attend conventions and events to make a sale.

Out of all of the vehicles SERGOM has created, Ship 7 generates the most income. Unfortunately, because of Ship 7's crew, SERGOM also has a "wacky reputation", a fact that the president of the company is quite aware of, much to his chagrin.

The crew of Ship 7 consists of eight furs;

  • Bernard is the captain of the ship also very often he doesn't act like it. He is one of two crew members who can actually fly the ship.
  • Vittoria is the vice captain and the other crew member who can fly the ship, although her real job description is to fix each and every one of Bernard's mistakes. She has the unusual ability to control her size.
  • Sarah is a white wolf with (dyed) blue hair. She takes care of all of the paper work on Ship 7. She joined the crew to get out of the monotony of her previous job.
  • Terra works on the ship's on-board computer. When she's not doing that she's usually cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes, Bernard would chose that time to pull of a few crazy manuevers while flying the ship which annoys her to no end.
  • Max often teams up with Ted to pull pranks on his co-workers. He is obsessed with Vittoria's size changing ability and encourages her to use it more often.
  • Mark likes to joke around, but knows the time and place for it. Unlike Max, he is very nervous around Vittoria and bolts whenever she grows.
  • Ted is the ship's outcast. He is also the unluckiest guy onboard.
  • Todd is the youngest and most inexperienced of the SERGOM crew, to everyone else, this fox is annoying as hell. Fortunately, he hangs around Max to stay away from anyone else's view.

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