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Senator Shane Jett, Oklahoma Senate
Section of SB943, the "furries" paragraph

SB943, also known as Senate Bill 943 and as the "Oklahoma Parent Empowerment Act for Kids",[1] is a new section of law to be codified in the Oklahoma State Legislature as Section 28-100 of Title 70, which states that:

(P)arents, legal guardians, and others with legal authority over children in this state be able to access educational services that meet the needs of their individual children by directing State Aid for which each child is eligible to the education provider of their choice. The Legislature affirms that parents and legal guardians are best suited to make decisions to help children in this state reach their full potential and achieve a brighter future.

The bill was created by Republican Senator Shane Jett, an American politician that has served as a House Member from 2004 to 2010, and as a Senate Member from 2020 to the present.[2]

People[3] argued that this bill is just another try for Republicans to bring back school voucher to the state after a similar bill had failed in 2022 on the Oklahoma senate.

The bill has yet to be voted on as of January 25, 2023.

SB943 and furry[edit]

As per Oklahoma Republicans, Senate Bill 943 is just "empowering Oklahoma parents to be able to choose the best education for their own children, regardless of their ZIP code or financial circumstances", but senator Jett's Senate Bill 943 stipulates that Oklahoma students in counties with fewer than 10,000 residents could only qualify if they attend a "trigger school district".

(Trigger[4] [noun, also known as triggered or triggering], is a common English word, concept, or image used in popular culture and/or politics, that is used to upset somebody by sparking a negative emotional response).

The use here by republicans is to identify trigger school district(s), i.e. districts that (could) teach concepts or ideas that a great normally abhor, such as:

Other ideas pushed by the bill would be the banning of books and publications that teaches the concept of race (Critical race theoryor CRT), gender studies , and those districts that violate school bathroom laws or teach about gender identity in a way that promotes "gender confusion" (LGBT studies).

But for the first time in Oklahoma politics, republicans have stated that any school staff or volunteers that engages in "anthropomorphic behavior" (more commonly known as furries), would immediately mark any Oklahoma school district as being "trigger".

No reason was given why furries are being targeted in particular this time, but there are similarities to the deeds by conservative extremist parental rights advocates and republican politicians during the 2022 United States elections, whereas they claimed furry fandom was indoctrinating the conservative's their children in behalf of the political left,[5] that school districts catereds to their "sick whins" (pet bowls, litterboxes, etc),[6] or were shooting people left and right.[7]

Their solutions back then were harsh in nature, specifically the one by extremist conservative Republican and pastor Mark Burns, whereas as he stated that furries would brand as "traitors" and then "killed" (by hanging).[8]

Senator Jett's bill does not seem to further penalize any "furries" found or acknowledged in any manner.

Fandom reaction[edit]

Fandom reaction was mostly seen on social media and furry news sites,[9] being almost all negative towards the idea of this bill.[10]


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