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S. Altschul is the player of the fursona Fen Rexwolf.

As of 2006, S. Altschul has been active in the furry fandom, but has felt a life long bond with anthropomorphic characters. This possibly started in her youth while she became a fan of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Robin Hood.

S. Altschul claims the reason behind choosing to play a young character (Fen is about 3-7 seasons) is not due to a pedophilic response. She always felt like a young child, rather than her real age, thus her character's age.

FenWuff (A.K.A Fen Rexwolf) is a little chocolate and white wolf cub. He often switches between the ages of about 4 and 7, with a little give on either side.

Fen loves zooming around barepawed in overalls and a t-shirt. His favourite games are hide-and-seek and make believe. He also likes playing games with other little furs....Though they're a little harder to come by than older furs.

He has long wished for some playmates in Australia and a caregiver wouldn't be too bad either, though he's not at all unhappy with his OL playmates.

He lives in Australia currently as the fursona of S. Altschul from Sydney, New South Wales. For more information on the RL person rather than the fursona, check out feanix on LiveJournal.

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