S.K. Roodriver

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S.K. Roodriver is one of the rather mysterious kangaroo characters in Macropod Madness by Kelvin the Lion. His initials stand for "Strawberry-Kiwi". He makes a living as a handy-roo, in order to chip in with apartment rent with Jacky Mango.

The one reason he's a mystery: S.K. was unfortunately a product of black magic. Originally, species-wise, he was a grey rat. But Valeigha Iogori used black magic to transform him into a kangaroo, physically almost resembling her face. Because that would not help things, S.K. moved on with his life without Valeigha and tried dating Jenna Grape. But after a while, Valeigha became power-hungry with heartbreak, and slipped a black magic potion into a water-park water-slide, causing S.K. to retro-transform back into a rat, and disappear through a swimming pool drain to a distant riverbank.

S.K., a rat once again, and presumed dead, was thereby found by Dor Mouse and her friends. His body was taken to Mrs. Majik, where she attempted a spell to bring him back alive. But it was expensive that he had to tend to Mrs. Majik's household chores to pay off the spell!

Upon escaping into the open, S.K. found himself in Weirdoran, encountering Surrealia. After an encounter with Pipix Cheshire, he would be transformed again, but into a whole new 'roo. Then, once finding himself back home, S.K. found love with a clean new, black-magic-free Valeigha.