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S'A'Alis (or SiemAkalAlis; real name Jeff 'JT' Vogt (May 29, 1963[1] - September 5, 2012)) was a furry fan who lived in Black Creek, Wisconsin, U.S.A. He was the host and site administrator of FurryMUCK for several years.


S'A'Alis was born in Appleton, Wisconsin.[2] He graduated from the University Of Wisconsin-Madison in 1985, majoring in computer science and AI with a minor in cognitive psychology.[2] He was married to Mary Anne Vogt (formerly IceWolf on FM).[3]

S'A'Alis began hosting FurryMUCK in October 1993, and was site administration and character creation wizard there from that time, until he stepped down for personal reasons[4] in July 2001. His personal character there was a member of the L'Drey, a space-faring fox-like species.[5]

S'A'Alis also founded the Avatar Archive, a key repository of early furry art, which he ran from 1993 to 2000. In his later life he raised and showed German Shepherds and Shiba Inus.

On August 26, 2012, S'A'Alis was reported to be terminally ill with liver cancer, and was expected to have less than two weeks to live.[6] He passed away early morning of September 5, 2012.[7]


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