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Ryu Raccoon (Aaron; born November 28, 1970) is a fursuiter from Fremont, California. He joined the furry fandom at Further Confusion in 2004, his first furry convention. Since then he has made two fursuits and attended various conventions.

Ryu Raccoon is also one of the founders and a current board member of the PAWCon furry convention.

He is active with Critters by the Bay, a group that performs for various events around the San Francisco Bay Area such as Children's Fairyland in Oakland, California.

He also regularly attends various renaissance faires where he performs in his Ralph fursuit and other activities in the Bay Area such as Frolic.


  • Ryu Raccoon, a self-made racoon suit
  • Muffles a chipmunk suit created by Furr Happens. Muffles is fond of stuffing things in his cheeks, including cheeseburgers and giant peanuts.
  • Ralph, a Robin Hood fan character who is Robin Hood's lesser-known cousin from Leicestershire which is south of Nottinghamshire. This fox suit is a partial that includes renaissance-era clothing. Ralph's head contains 192 RGB LEDs in the ears as well as several others. This is another self-made fursuit.


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