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Rym is a story world created by Ollie Canal. It exists as a set of fragments on multiple Web sites, containing many broken links. The author intended it as a world-building project suitable for use in an RPG, but provided information on the setting in a variety of formats: statistics suitable for "Dungeons & Dragons" rules, stories, art, and even psychological diagrams.


The world of Rym once contained a highly technological civilization known as the Creator Empire, which used both magic and machinery. The Creators' most ambitious project was the City Mind, an Artificial Intelligence meant to guide their civilization. Though the City Mind benefited society at first, it and the Creators' apparently autocratic government led to war with the gods themselves.

Rym's six gods (representing the traditional four elements, light, and darkness) attempted to humble the Creators with a series of natural disasters. The City Mind responded by launching a massive war effort against the gods and their base on one of the planet's moons. The war devastated the planet and killed all but the youngest of the gods, the sun goddess Kij. Kij gradually worked to revive the world, showing special attention for the otter-like Lutrai. The world reached a roughly medieval level of technology and established substantial nations of humans and other races.

Meanwhile, a race known as the Spiral invaded the region of space around Rym. The Spiral worshipped the Eater, a black hole, and were attracted by the level of death and destruction the world had experienced. To them life itself was a form of deadly radiation, so they began a terraforming project -- the extermination of all life. A series of wars between the Spiral, a Kij-following sect called the Solinar, and various other factions followed, ending in defeat for the Solinar.

In the present time of the setting, the Spiral are gradually expanding their domain and destroying the planet through deliberate pollution and magic; other races are mainly divided against each other and apathetic in the face of this threat.


The most thoroughly described race in Rym is the Lutrai, a race of otter-people who believe their ancestors saved the life of the goddess Kij. They are idealized creatures with mild empathy, innate magic related to life energy, extremely kind and innocent personalities, and a Polynesian-based culture. Though said to be prolific and peaceful, they seem not to have an overpopulation problem, which may have to do with human efforts to enslave them.

Other races mentioned are humans, Skole (arctic wolves), Hoomiku (felines from another planet working to re-establish high technology), Koba (extremely primitive lizard-men), Lapix (rabbit-folk), Cepn (bat-folk whose reigning culture is obsessed with death), Gorg (ultra-capitalist hippo-morphs), Myrix (fox-folk whose emotions are tied to the sun and moon), Fey (tailed elves), Machines (survivors of the City Mind), and Spirals (undead humanoids in protective suits).

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