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Ryan Dewalt, also known as Tet Solfire, is a jack-of-many-trades, currently living in southern California.

Fandom involvement[edit]

He is best known for running a number of furry sites, including the YNA, the AnthroArchives and 17Cats. He is also the webmaster for Kittenbreak, and provides hosting for the Jack and Carpe Diem webcomics. Ask Arty is an associated site, although it spun off more from a similar feature on the YNA site than from the webcomic.

Ryan is a member of Anthrocon's staff, working with the charity auction and masquerade the last few year, and is an administrator for the Anthrochat IRC network.

He does lettering and additional writing for the webcomic Vinci & Arty, which is written and drawn by his wife, artist Candy Dewalt. He and Candy were guests of honor at Morphicon 2006.


Ryan's fursona is a "folf", a wolf/fox hybrid. He has also utilized a rabbit fursona known as Timebase.

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