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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Major characters[edit]

Owen Zelazny[edit]

Owen Zelazny as he appears in Heathen City. Drawn by Ayato, colored by Distasty
Owen Zelazny is a wolf and a hustler, one of the protagonists in the serial graphic novel Heathen City by Alex Vance. Born in 1981, Owen came to Maranatha City in late 1999, having begun selling his body at an early age. He is youthful, energetic, very comfortable with his chosen profession, which he takes very seriously.

Residence: Originally from New Orleans, Owen lived in a small apartment in a dilapidated building in Maranatha City. After his departure from Maranatha City, he was most recently seen in London, not far from Piccadilly Square, though it's unknown whether he resides in that city.

Occupation: Owen is a prostitute, servicing exclusively male clients, preferring the term hustler over escort because of his preference for the quick and anonymous servicing of a large number of clients rather than 'spending the night' with one particular customer. Owen continued to ply this trade even after Maranatha City, though by the time he appears in Heathen City he is very close to 'retiring' fro the profession to find another direction for his life.

Relationships: Owen's oldest friend and lover, in all but name, is Q. I. Malloy, a dobermann burglar and drug dealer, with whom he first traveled to Maranatha City. While sexually active and emotionally intimate with each other, the pair never had a relationship in the romantic sense, and only briefly shared an apartment in their early days in Maranatha before going their separate ways. Owen has most recently been seen in various Soho nightclubs in the company of a tiger named Ruy. The precise nature of this relationship is unclear, though Owen's decision to quit his life of prostitution came very soon after his first encounter with Ruy.

Religion: Owen is technically Jewish, and is known to occasionally uphold certain aspects of the faith, electing to eat kosher on significant days such as Hanukkah, Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashannah. The arbitrary nature of his observances and, of course, his profession, indicate that this is motivated less by actual belief in the Jewish scriptures, and more by his upbringing, and the comfort of familiar rituals.

Heathen City #1: Owen Zelzny appears as one of the core cast of the serial graphic novel Heathen City, written by Alex Vance, illustrated by Ayato and digitally colored by Distasty, Krahnos, Charha, and Fel. He had previously appeared in Alex Vance's unfinished story series Maranatha.

Q. I. Malloy[edit]

Promo illustration for Heathen City featuring Malloy, made by Kamui

Q. I. Malloy was born in 1972 in the Midlands. He led a troubled youth, largely undocumented due to his affinity for falsifying documents and identities. He's known to have been a seminarian in Dorsetshire, on his way to priesthood. Instead, Malloy returned to thieving and the drug-dealing and, together with his longtime friend and in all but name lover Owen Zelazny, came to Maranatha City around the millennium, where he continued to ply his trade.

Appearance: He is a broad-shouldered and muscular dog whose thuggish exterior belies a keen intellect, though his occasionally heroic and almost always charismatic behavior often misleads those closest to him into thinking him a 'rogue with a heart of gold', an illusion occasionally and shockingly dispelled when his flexible morality is exposed. He has described himself was 'a man compelled by sways of which he has not ken,' which is a prosaic departure from his usually rough speech.

Residence: When Malloy appears in Heathen City #1 he's living in Paris, apparently under his own name. His apartment is furnished and lived-in, indicating he's spent significant time settled there.

Skills: Malloy has demonstrable experience with explosives, electronic surveillance, hand-to-hand combat and can speak conversational Mandarin.

Ruy Ortega[edit]

A Cuban tiger, romantically involved with Owen. Little is known about him specifically, though he's hinted at substantial wealth, and seems familiar with the notoriously untrustworthy smuggler captain Dolan, who in turn hints at the significance of the Ortega family. He's roughly the same age as Owen.

Tony D. Caulfield[edit]

The principle antagonist of Heathen City #1. A British cougar, he's a flamboyant, eloquent sophisticate. Emotionally dependent on his mother, he displays frequent and abrupt mood swings, commanding a small gang of experienced paid thugs through a combination of charisma and malice.

Minor characters[edit]

Allard Bellamy[edit]

A fit and athletic horse in Caulfield's employ. Fierce and bold, his charge into Malloy's boobytrapped apartment in Heathen City #1 leaves him a double-amputee, apparently abandoned financially by his employer.


Surname unknown. Along with Allard, he charges into Malloy's boobytrapped apartment. While he's mocked by his comrades for stupidity and cowardice, he actually detects suspicious signs that the others ignore.


True name unknown. A bull, in Caulfield's employ. Good-natured and perhaps slow-witted, he refers to his employer as "Mister C".


True name unknown. A canine in Caulfield's employ. Less physically bulky than some other thugs, quiet and somewhat insecure.

Captain Dolan[edit]

A fundamentally untrustworthy smuggler and captain of the Corinthia. As much a hedonist as Malloy, and seemingly more successful in his criminal enterprises.


Surname unknown. A cabin-boy on the Corinthia, under captain Dolan. He's seen providing sexual services to Dolan and Malloy, implying his duties aboardship include sex. He's light-hearted, optimistic and confident, showing inexperience and fear in the face of danger. Malloy remarks that Cal reminds him of someone he knew in Maranatha City, and that's the reason that he often takes Cal into his bunk. Cal is a young, slender lion with his mane styled into a goatee.

Imelda Caulfield[edit]

Tony Caulfield's mother. She was the one who sent Caulfield after Owen, and is indicated at being a member of an elite group whose goals and composition are as yet unknown. Tony is aware of the conspiracy, but his mother keeps him in the dark as to its purpose.

Writer: Alex Vance
Illustrators: Ayato · Distasty · Krahnos · Charha · Fel