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Russell "Rusty" Haller (August 12, 1964[1] – September 30, 2009)[2] was a cartoonist and illustrator, and creator of the comic Ace and Queenie.


Rusty was born in New Haven, Connecticut, USA.[1] A self-taught artist, his first published work was in 1987 for Spotlight Comics (a small Connecticut-based publisher) on a Deputy Dawg story for Mighty Mouse Holiday Special #1.

Rusty subsequently contributed to a Terry Tunes comic (in an assignment he landed through Jim Main at Main Enterprises).[1] Soon after that, Rusty landed work at Marvel Entertainment’s Star Comics, penciling such titles as Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, Heathcliff, and ALF. Additionally, Rusty produced a number of illustrations for Marvel Age, working for editor Jim Salicrup.

Rusty also acquired work at DC Comics (where he worked on Tiny Toon Adventures, Looney Tunes, and Animaniacs) and on Nat Gertler’s Licensable Bear™ comic.[1]

Ace and Queenie[edit]

Rusty created the anthropomorphic secret agent comic Ace and Queenie in 2005.[1] It appeared in print in thirteen issues of Furrlough, until the magazine ended its run in 2009. In those four years, Rusty generated over 150 pages of printed art.[1] After Furrlough's end, Rusty continued Ace and Queenie on his website,


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